Justin R. G. Holcomb & John D. Ivy 

Teen Party Massacre!  is an homage to slasher films of the 70's and 80's. 

Kurst Vitae has just been released from St. Job's asylum, after having witnessed the brutal slaying of her sister and friends at a birthday party.  Her parents are out of town, so she invites some friends over to keep her company.  The party is great: they laugh, sing, have pizza, and fall victim to a psycho killer with a drill. 

Teen Party Massacre! was produced as a staged reading at Polaris North for three nights to a standing room only crowd. 

CAST (for tracks below) 

Justin R. G. Holcomb Narrator, Chester, Dexter, Kunesh, Connor
John D. Ivy Toker, Roach
Dilia Jelen Kurst
Beth Ann Leone Liz
Dana Maddox Denise
Cindy Ball Buffy

1) Prologue/ Cursed Life: Narrator

2) We're Gonna Party: Liz, Kurst, Denise, Buffy

3) We're Gonna Party II: Dex, Toker, Roach

4) Victim, No More/ We're Gonna Party III: Kurst, Liz, Buffy, Denise, Dex, Toker, Roach

5) My Neighbor: Kurst, Liz, Denise, Buffy, Chester

6) The Cell Phone Hour: Liz, Denise, Buffy

7) Subconscious Projection: Liz, Kurst

8) Take Advantage/ I Love This Song: Kunesh, Liz, Kurst, Buffy, Denise, Toker, Dexter

9) Victim, No More, rep.: Kurst

10) Think About: Toker, Denise, Dexter, Buffy, Kurst, Liz

11) I Will Protect You: Conner, Kurst

12) Kiss Me: Dexter, Buffy

13) My Tool: Connor

14) My Dress: Connor

15) Take Advantage, rep.: Liz, Kurst

16) Finale I - III: Kurst, Connor

17) Finale IV: Connor